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Why You Should Work With Me?

You Need Someone Who Understands Your Needs

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I'm Lawrence Carrel.


I've spent my career creating insightful, engaging, high-impact content for a variety of audiences: consumers, retail investors, sophisticated advisors, high-net-worth individuals, and institutional investors.


  • My background means I understand your deadlines and will deliver on time.

  • My understanding of your budget constraints means I do more with less, squeezing more value out of your copy and content.

  • My experience working with compliance officers means that I produce content that will clear compliance quickly.

To view my areas of expertise click here.

Your Business Isn't Easy to Understand

  • You need compelling content that reads like a story

  • Have helped multinational corporations and start-ups enlighten their clients by creating content strategies across a broad range of topics

  • Began writing about business and the markets as a member of the team that created The Wall Street Journal's website

  • Written and edited a wide range of high-quality content for top business publications and websites in a deadline-driven environment

  • Expert in personal finance with three successful books on the subject

You're Thinking, How Does Cannabis Fit Into All This?

With cannabis becoming legal across the U.S. this young, growing industry is still figuring out how to market itself. I've been writing about the industry for years and understand the nuances of the business.


It's not just flower and edibles.


There's a lot going on behind the scenes before the customer walks into a dispensary. There are equipment companies, lighting companies, security consultants, and companies creating products specifically for the cannabis agriculture market.

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