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Writing Samples

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Wall Street Journal:

What Fresh Hell Is This? Dorothy Parker's Lost Poems Spark Suit Alleging Copyright Infringement

Story Telling

May 2001

It's Not the Fed's Job to Boost Asset Prices: This was ghostwritten for Aware Asset Management, a small ETF company that focuses on bonds. Every month they address a big topic in the industry.

Invest for Return and Make an Impact. Deck for SerenityShares Impact ETF. 

Marketing Deck

April 2018

Fund Profile 

June 2020

As Dividends Get Cut, ETF Offers Steady 7% Annual Distribution Rate. This profile of the Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7HANDL Index ETF is one of the most read articles on with more than nine million views.

To see my entire Forbes portfolio click here.

White Paper 

January 2009

Fundamental Indexes: Comparing the Performance of Different Fundamental Strategies in Different Market Environments.

This paper was written for Index Research Group, a provider of custom white papers for the ETF industry. 

Ineligible For Covid Relief Funds, Cannabis Companies Are In Trouble. This article examines how the Covid-19 Lockdown affected the Cannabis industry. 

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